Deployment Day 107, Mobilization Day 150 – 25 April 2010

The rumors have begun. There are at least three different rumors going around as to when we are going to be going home. The most ridiculous rumor probably has us leaving sometime in July since there is another relatively important unit moving on to another assignment then. This is the least likely scenario. The second rumor is that we will be leaving in August if some general decides to move his operations elsewhere. This also does not seem very likely. The most likely scenario is that we leave out towards the end of October or early part of November. Our replacement is supposed to show up sometime in October, and after a couple of weeks showing them how we do things, we will depart back to Fort Dix. If this occurs, then we will probably return home right around the 1-year anniversary of our mobilization, or around seven months from now. It is going to be a long seven months.

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