Deployment Day 96, Mobilization Day 139 – 14 April 2010

I have realized that it is very difficult to write this journal, especially when my 12-hour shift technically begins the day following the events in question. For example, I next return to work around 0100hrs on the 15th of April, so the 14th was seven hours of work followed by the gym and some sleep and other chill time. This was partly due to Grandma’s birthday yesterday, but it is still pretty weird. Anyway, we’ll get back on track tomorrow and we’ll see what happens during the time when nobody comes in yet we stay open for 24-hours just in case. If they were paying me by the hour, it would definitely be a waste of resources, as no “money” is made for about 16 hours a day total, but we need to remain open “just in case,” whatever that means.

Until next time…

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