Deployment Day 93, Mobilization Day 136 – 11 April 2010

Some big changes may be in store soon for TF 334. Apparently the powers that be have noticed some of the Big Boss’s antics lately and may have decided to get rid of him in favor of the CSM. This makes sense since the CSM has over 30 years experience, many of which was spent with or directly supporting the people we work for on a daily basis, whereas Big Boss is just an infantry officer posing as a logistics officer for the most part. My name and the CSM’s desired job for me came up again with the people that matter and they actually agreed with him and have been scratching their heads trying to figure out why I am not doing the job that the CSM thinks that best fit me. I am not alone in this as the CSM believe others may be better fits other then where they are currently working, but he was always overridden by the Big Boss based on his (Big Boss) personal preferences and favoritism. It is starting to look like the CSM will be around for the duration while the Big Boss will be the one shown the door. As the CSM told our customer, an almost instantaneous 40% boost in morale will occur if and when the Big Boss is sent away. I tend to agree with this statement.

Until next time…

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