Deployment Day 91, Mobilization Day 134 – 9 April 2010

A person can only sit around for so long before they reach a breaking point. I would have no problem on this deployment if there was stuff for us to do to keep us busy, or if they would let us adjust our schedule when there was nothing going on. Instead of being flexible, however, we have to keep doing the same thing, working the same shifts, forever and ever just in case something happens or comes up. I don’t buy this argument. If anything that important was going to happen that quickly, we are all 15 minutes away from being able to be at work at a moment’s notice, but the nature of this job means that everything that is expected of us is planned out plenty far in advance, and sudden changes just have not been happening. I am not the only person feeling this way.

Hopefully, over the next few weeks, perhaps longer, a new schedule will give me a chance to change up my routine a bit and allow for me to do some of the things that I planned on doing while on this deployment, like this journal, learning HTML, Spanish, and studying for various graduate school admission tests. Since my daily job is not challenging me, I need to find challenges in my extracurricular activities that I pursue instead. Now that we have moved to our own CHUs, I also have my own space to do things, at the sacrifice of no longer having a usable television on which to play my Xbox. This is a small thing to overcome, and probably for the better, but it sure would be nice to have a television in here for when I am extremely bored.

Until next time…

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