Deployment Day 90, Mobilization Day 133 – 8 April 2010

Big Boss came into the supply room tonight and is having a conversation with Grandma about random dumb things, failing to realize that I am in the room. I was making plenty of noise, I thought, to indicate that she was not alone in the room, but he failed to pick up on it apparently, until he started asking her about how my PT program was going, to which she told him that I was there behind him. Would have been interesting to hear what he would have said otherwise, but he began to talk about how I have a time limit and need to get to a certain point so that my career isn’t over, things that I am painfully aware of.

Interesting how he is so interested about my career now, but when Mark Anderson’s SSA position opened up back in Connecticut, he sent e-mails to a few different people telling them to apply but left me out of the loop. Does it mean that he doesn’t want me to have the job or was I simply an oversight? I may yet swallow my pride and ask him to help me get the job, giving him some story how it would be the ultimate motivation for me to reenlist and stay with the program, but I don’t know if I am ready to do that just yet, and they haven’t even posted the job yet. Besides, I don’t know what kind of influence he could have over me getting the job anyway. Ultimately, no matter how I feel about him, sometimes it is good to have an O6 on your side, and this remains an option that depends on the outcome of my own attempts to get the position.

Until next time…

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