Deployment Day 88, Mobilization Day 131 – 6 April 2010

All moved into our new CHUs, except for a few people who are waiting for others to move out first. The rooms aren’t too bad. Those who had issues are begging to come around to the whole idea, figuring out ways to move some of the stuff from previous rooms. The simple solution was to remove the stuff from their previous rooms and try to divide it up between the two roommates. The only thing that would have been nice to have from our room would have been the television, but it would be a little large for this room. Besides, we have been told that the things we don’t have that we had before, i.e. TVs, fridges, and microwaves could potentially be provided, either by asking for the TF to provide them or by finding them in other unoccupied CHUs. Definitely have more room when it is just one person, and I am right next door to Albert, so it is pretty much like still living with him. It was also good that I hadn’t really unpacked a whole lot of my stuff in the other room; sure made it easier to pack and move to the new room.

The only thing that is kind of annoying is that we are further away from work, and we have to walk further to use the latrines. These may seem like small things, but after getting in routines that were timed well based on how far we were from these things, it will take some getting used to for sure. The latrine thing is a hassle because of the constant water consumption and having to use the latrines so often because of this, especially stumbling there half awake. But like I said, I think this will turn out for the better and everyone will forget about it long before we leave out of here… whenever that may be.

Until next time…

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