Deployment Day 87, Mobilization Day 130 – 5 April 2010

So much for spending the deployment rooming with people of our choosing, though the alternate we are being presented with may ultimately be a bit better in the long run. Apparently, the powers-that-be for the Task Force discovered while I was away that one of the other groups here are living in one person CHUs. Since they arrived after we did, it kind of upset these people, so they inquired as to the availability of our own CHUs as well. Turns out there are a whole bunch of available rooms and they were wondering why we weren’t in individual rooms from the beginning, so we all have our own rooms now. Think that we would have plenty of time to move? Nope. They want us to start moving tomorrow. Awesome. All the senior types get the larger, two-man CHUs to themselves, while we are relegated to the smaller, one-man CHUs. Ultimately it works out that we will have more room in the individual CHUs, but we will no better for sure when we start moving in tomorrow.

A lot of people are frustrated, especially those who spent the first few months building things and adorning their walls with various things to make their CHU more homey. It might prove difficult to split things bought by two people between two rooms. Furthermore, the decision to move us was made without actually consulting those making the move and trying to find out if there were people that wanted to move. I of all people realize that the Army is not a democracy, but at least ask if we are happy with our current living situations. They assumed that we would be thrilled about having our own rooms. Some are, some aren’t, and some are indifferent. I’ll move because I don’t make decisions, but this does not ultimately assist the semi-negative command climate at this juncture of the deployment.

Until next time…

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