Deployment Days 79-85, Mobilization Days 122-128 – 28 March – 3 April 2010

Another trip for customs, but this time to a new location. Spent a week in Iraqi Kurdistan, in Mosul, though, as for my other excursions, didn’t actually see much of anything outside of the compound. More reading (I read over 1000 pages at this stop) and another couple days of just sleeping and sitting around. The trip was a little longer than originally planned, but we can’t really control when the airplanes come and pick up our customers. I met another group of “real” Army folks, and they were just as cool as the ones that I met down in Baghdad. They are down to earth and treat you well, especially when you don’t give them grief about their stuff. These guys come and go so often that they either know where to hide the contraband or just don’t care enough to try to take any. I was speaking to one of them as they were waiting to leave, and he said they will be off to Afghanistan later this year. The war will never be over for these guys, and I am glad they are on our side. It makes me pause and wonder if I could do what they do, but I am a long way of being even close to attempting it, and I wonder if it really is a young person’s job. We’ll see what the next few years hold for me.

Until next time…

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