Deployment Day 78, Mobilization Day 121 – 27 March 2010

The dreaded APFT. The bane of my Army career. I had been working on it, but apparently not enough. But I now have a baseline from where to start. My new goal is to pass the APFT and make tape or weight (haha) by 6 August. I would like to reenlist on the 7th of August as that would be my 10-year anniversary in the Army. Nice little personal milestone. I just wish the last 8½ years I wasn’t a SPC, but nothing I can do about it now. But the next 10 (20?) years will be much better for sure if I can cross the bridge that is passing the APFT.

It was good to see PV2 Dean pass the APFT finally. He is still the lowest ranking person here, but at least he’ll be getting advanced soon enough. And he earned it, unlike some of the other folks who just had their rank handed to them for no reason other than crying and complaining.

Until next time…

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