Deployment Days 65-69, Mobilization Days 108-112 – 14-18 March 2010

By this time in my great journal keeping, I am simply marking down the days. Nothing of consequence is really happening; the mission is not what certain people on the Task Force want it to be so they are trying to make it something it doesn’t have to be. We lower enlisted types will keep doing what we have to do, and it will all be over soon.

These days were my second trip to Baghdad for another customs mission. Just like the first trip, we were stranded on the compound and didn’t get to see much of life outside it. The little trips away from Balad are nice though, since they help to break up the monotony of everything else. You can only wake up and do the exact same thing so many days in a row. These little trips allow me to get some rest and read some books. In this regard it is nice, plus getting away from all the bullshit in Balad is a definite plus. I could get used to this, though it would be nice to have similar accommodations each time I go out.

Until next time…

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