Mobilization – Day 39 – 4 January 2010

Yesterday, we simply traveled back from Connecticut to Fort Dix to complete the rest of our “training” and await a flight to Kuwait then onto Iraq.

Our return to Fort Dix was met with some welcome news: Big Boss ultimately failed in his attempt to remove the CSM from the deployment. It appears all you need to do to get your way is to find someone higher ranking than the last person that said “no” to say “yes.” The CSM spent most of his little break doing just that and will be able to accompany us on our deployment. This is extremely good news for about 90% of our little group.

We spent the day finalizing the packing required to board the plane sometime in the next few days. We don’t know for sure because we have to wait for people to be ready to receive us in Kuwait, and because we don’t want troop movement information to be made publicly available. Some of the people in this unit will get the information and immediately post on Facebook exactly when we are leaving, which could further delay our departure.

I understand the want and desire to see your friends and family one last time, but at the same time, the sooner we get to Iraq, the sooner that we will return home. Because of these people, we will most likely be told until hours before our actual departure, and then we will disappear from everyone’s radar for a day or two as we travel east to Kuwait before heading onto our final destination. This same thing will happen again when we prepare to leave Kuwait from what I hear. This sure is fun feeling important, having my movement protected and all.

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