Mobilization – Day Nine – 5 December 2009

The second to last day of CLS consisted of a thirty minute review followed by our written exam, which I promptly decided to be retarded on and miss five questions. Though still a passing score, I made two simple mistakes that would have improved my score, but it really is no big deal. It just means that I actually have to go through the lanes training tomorrow instead of getting the opportunity to play a casualty instead. Maybe a bit more practice would be a good idea. After the written exam, we did our hand on exams for some of the other stuff that we had learned. Again, a bit too easy, but it took longer than it really needed to. Seeing as how we have to have half our stuff packed by tomorrow night, it would have been nice to get back before we did so we could start the process, but what can you do. Besides, we didn’t get a finalized packing list until tonight anyway.

Our “Holiday” Exodus leave has been confirmed, so it will be nice to get back to Connecticut and see some people one last time before we do actually leave sometime in January for our final destination. Hopefully it will be worth burning these three days of leave to get back to see some people. I have some things that I want to get done and people that I want to see, but I mainly just want some time to myself to relax prior to spending the next year in close proximate living space to someone approximately my size. Gilbs and I are going to see if we can get to New York for New Year’s, but maybe we’ll find something a bit mellower to do before returning to New Jersey.

We are also approaching that time where some things are becoming finalized. We are packing and shipping off our connex container early this week so that it can meet us in country next month. This places a bit of a cap on our pre-deployment training; while we will still be training up until we leave on our exodus, we are getting pretty close to the end. We only have about 17 days of actual training left, and a lot of the training we have scheduled may have already been completed while we were at RTC-East last month. We should start getting a bit more “white” time on the schedule in the coming weeks. I just wish my cell phone worked a bit better in the barracks so I can start trying to make arrangements for things in the near future. It is what it is…

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