Mobilization – Day Seven – 3 December 2009

Today was the first day of CLS. So far it has been okay, though it seems kind of jumbled together. You have a primary instructor for each block of instruction but have another instructor or two just feeling the need to add things to the classes, confusing everyone in the process. Even the genius that is me or my EMT battle buddy is getting confused a bit on some of the finer points. Either way, tomorrow we get to learn how to do IVs, which is no longer in the curriculum of the actual course, but something these instructors deem necessary for us to learn, so I guess that is what we will do. Good thing my aforementioned battle buddy is an EMT, though he is just as nervous about the whole process as I am.
It was also confirmed today that I will have nothing to do with the GPC on the deployment. The Big Boss just really hates me that much I guess, though I wish it was something he would have figured out prior to me going off to 92Y school. If I had known then, I would have done something in the Transportation platoon, something that might prepare a bit better for future positions. Regardless that the CSM thinks that I am the best person for the position, and his years as an semi-professional evaluator of personalities has suddenly been usurped by the Big Boss’s ability to operate with blinders on. Mission accomplishment should be forefront on his mind right now, but he wants to act like we are in high school and have issues with me over things that have nothing to do with my performance. The angry “D-type” in me wants his pick for GPC to not get his clearance and leave him with only West Virginia to do the job. It’s not that I doubt West Virginia’s ability; it would just be nice to see the Big Boss get his comeuppance and potentially have it affect the success of the mission.
Unfortunately the “S-type” in me will assist because I want this mission to be successful. Despite how bitter I am, that success is more important at this point. I guess I will let the “I-type” in me dominate and just keep having fun with everybody on the task force. January cannot come soon enough…

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