Mobilization – Day Six – 2 December 2009

Another day spent going in every direction. Another day learning things we have already learned. Another day proving the total ineptitude of the Army, or at least the Army at Fort Dix, NJ. It sure would be nice to be done with Fort Dix and get into country and start doing what we have trained to do. All of this admin time is killing morale, but not really dampening spirits. This is by far the longest period of hurry up and wait I have ever experienced.
I also learned late tonight that I will begin Combat Life Saver (CLS) tomorrow. Kind of unhappy a bit, if only because I wasn’t expecting to do it, nor be the last addition to the list, but in the long run it should help me out. If the time comes that I am deemed good enough to be promoted, the extra couple of points that the course will give me will be welcome. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

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