Mobilization – Day Five – 1 December 2009

As expected, the majority of the task force made it through the JRC today, though there are a few people that have follow-up appointments that will hopefully clear them to deploy over the next few weeks.
This is unfortunate in a way; the Army tells units to meet certain timelines in preparation for mobilization, yet the systems in place to track these processes do not meet in the middle. Numerous people went to appointments over the past few months, myself included, trying to take care of medical readiness issues in preparation for the deployment. Many of these appointments were scheduled and paid for by the Army. Many people, however, had to get further treatment or go to other appointments in order to finalize themselves for deployment.
This is a waste of time and resources, time that can be spent with families and resources that can be devoted to other things besides bureaucracy and red tape. If you are going to require units to be prepared prior to arrival at the mobilization site, at least make it possible for people to get credit for the simple things so that the most important thing, getting a unit ready to perform its wartime mission, can get taken care of as well.

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