Mobilization – Day Four – 30 November 2009

As expected. We had briefings today as we got prepared to fully begin out Joint Readiness Center (JRC) checks. This is nothing new, especially for those of us who have done an SRP or two over the course of our careers. We should all be able to get through most everything at JRC tomorrow with a few exceptions. It might also be the first chance we have of actually losing people off of this task force due to medical readiness. As much as some of these people can get on my nerves, it would still be nice to take most of them with us, if only to alleviate some work from those of us who will be doing a lot of work overseas. This could turn out to be an interesting few days.
Besides the start of JRC, we also had some familiarization training on the MRAP family of vehicles. These hulking monsters are built specifically to withstand IEDs and mines. After seeing these beasts up close and personal, I don’t doubt they can do just that. Now if they figure out how to prevent them from rolling over all the time, we might be on to something. Nobody likes eggressing from a vehicle, especially me. That is a story for another time.

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