Wow, I Suck at Blogging

I would like to think that I have just been super busy as an excuse for not blogging recently, or a whole lot over the past few months. But in all reality, I have not really had a lot to write about. This needs to change, seeing as how I plan on writing a book on this deployment. If I don’t write now, it might be even harder to write then.

I have some ideas for themes for the book, but might be difficult to actually write a book until stuff starts happening. For starters, however, here is one idea on the possible layout of the book. I plan on it to be similar to “Band of Brothers” or “Generation Kill,” a “war” book with various stories within. It might be interesting. Let me know what you think so far.

Introduction to the Soldiers of Task Force 334
An Introduction to the Army and Army Reserve
Pre-Mobilization: Getting a Reserve Unit Ready for War
The Sociological Experiment that is the U.S. Military
The Big Boss and His Big Dreams
Hello, Mr. Smith

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