Some Good News

As of 11 October, you are looking at the new Staff Operations and Training Specialist for the 334th QM BN. Got the official job offer on Thursday, with a confirmed effective date of 11 October. I’ve only been doing the job for around 17 months or so, so it is nice to finally get paid for what I do on a daily basis. I just wish it would have happened earlier so I could have been raking in the phat cash all along. As it stands now, I’ll get approximately 3 1/2 paychecks at my new pay grade before going on leave without pay for the deployment. At least when I return, I’ll receive a step increase and have a year credit as a GS-9 under my belt. It’s only a matter of time until I’m rolling in the phat GS-14 cash on a daily basis. Senior Executive Service, here I come!

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