Today’s Movie Review – Fired Up! (2009)

Before you start to read this, know that one of my favorite series of movies are the “Bring It On” movies. I do not own them, or plan on it, but when they are on TV, I always have to stop and watch at least for a few minutes. Don’t know why, really. The first one is by far the best, but I like the third one too, if only because of Ms. Hayden Panettiere of “Heroes” fame. (BTW, in looking at her IMDB page, I just now realized that she is almost 20 years old. Now I feel slightly creepy. Only slightly though.) (She was also one of the reason’s I saw “I Love You, Beth Cooper” while in California).

Anyway, I watched Fired Up! hoping that it would recapture some of the same cheer leading movie moments. Unfortunately, it did not. The best part was when the cheerleaders sat down and watched “Bring It On” and spoke along with the dialogue. But they were trying to hard to include all of the cheerleader stereotypes ion the movie and playing them for laughs: male cheerleaders, rivalries between squads, lesbians, etc. And while I was not expecting an Oscar-caliber film, it would have been nice if the guys hadn’t “got the girl” in the end, and the d-bag boyfriend get his comeuppance.

This is a fine movie to watch if it would have been on ABC Family or Comedy Central on a sleepless night or something, but I felt that I wasted my night last night watching it after Netflixsent it to me. Average move… five of ten stars.

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