Baby Shower Hijinks

I went to a baby shower today for one of my co-workers and his wife. Good time were had by all, and I have a fridge stocked with leftovers that should last me a few days, so all is good in the world. I am not usually one for baby showers, but seeing as I had nothing else to do, it was a good time out of the house hanging with some pretty interesting people.

Beyond that, it made me think of a day, hopefully in the near(er) future where all my friends and family can gather because my wife and I are expecting a baby. Maybe it is because I am getting older, or maybe I am worried about the age of my parents, but I would like to have children of my own someday, preferably while I am young enough to not be too old when they have children, and while my parents are around to meet them.

I think this also stems a bit from the thought of my legacy. I have not yet done anything super fancy in my life, and while there is still plenty of time to do that, I really do not anticipate being someone that will be remembered for generations. If I end up doing something memorable, that’s great, but I would rather just be someone who lived a good life surrounded by a loving family.

While I am not currently “surrounded” by my family in the literal sense of the word, I feel closer to most of my siblings now that we are older than I ever remember feeling growing up. We have now shared similar stories in our lives and can commiserate when we need to about things going on in our lives. And no matter how far I live away from them, I know that they are always a phone call or a quick flight away if I ever really truly need them for anything.

Growing up in my family was probably not a whole lot different from a lot of other families out there. We had a lot of the same struggles and triumphs, and shared in them all, especially the kids. When you can honestly say that you grew up with your best friends in a sense, you know it could not have been all bad. Sure, there were times when it wasn’t cool to hang out with your little brother and sisters anymore, or you just had some other friends that you spent a lot of time with, but that doesn’t discount the strong bonds that we kids had growing up.

Now, why am I talking about this stuff? How does going to a baby shower stir up thoughts of mortality and family? It just does. I have always thought that I would be a father someday, and that my children, even if I only had two, would be able to share the same kind of bond that I had with my siblings, and develop the same kind of bond with their cousins, though my children will be much younger than my nephew Lance and Stef’s kids. Unless I get started now…

So what in the end is the point of this? I don’t really know. But a few days ago I posted some long blog about my parents; it is only fitting that I include my siblings as well.

Love ya!

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