I Understand, But…

Michael Jackson died on Thursday.

Am I wrong to not really care about this? Sure, Michael Jackson might have had a major influence on music for around 30 years or so, and had the best-selling album of all time. He also reinvented the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and sparked the advertising war between Pepsi and Coke.

But the last part of his life, since the child molestation charges and trial, he had not really been the “King of Pop” that we knew and kind of became a parody of himself. Turned into a real weirdo and just stopped being interesting. I must admit that I was never a big fan of his and I seriously thought that he had already died or something before.

I just don’t think that the constant news coverage since his death is really necessary. Sure, he was a major person of interest for nearly 40 years, but other people were as well and they do not get the same type of coverage as this has. Many seem to gloss over the fact that he “allegedly” molested a child and probably only got out of the charges because he had money and other influence.

Please, everyone, let’s just stop everything. It is okay to mourn; it is okay to be sad (I guess). But you never met him. You were just a fan. As much as I am a fan of Brad Pitt or Ben Folds, if they were to die tomorrow, I wouldn’t cry. Sure, it would be unfortunate that they were no longer around to share their gifts with the world, but not something where I would have to go to the place where they died and build a shrine and be recorded on television crying because of their death. It just seems a little ridiculous to me is all. Save your real grief for the important people in your life, and don’t waste it on a person you have never even met.

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