Writer’s Block

I can’t think of anything to really write about today. I did a Song of the Week already, and This Army Life yesterday. I was working on another blog, but it just made me sound like an asshole, so I decided to delete it all and start over. I could blog about Her, but I am sure the four people that actually read this thing don’t want to hear anymore about her until something actually happens. We’ll have to wait on that then. So…hmm…what to do…I know! Google.

Type in “I need a blog topic.” Maybe the magic of the internet will say “Here is your topic, Mr. Robert Eberhard. Write a few hundred words about this.” Nope. Doesn’t appear to work that way. Wait a second…the fifth one down: “100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write.” I can be YOU. Let’s check it out…nope. Nothing that I know anything about or have time to think about. Good list though. May be useful in my future career, but not really right now at all.

Okay, new Google search: “good blog topics.” Here’s some sound advice: internet search engines. That’s what I did, you freakin’ jerk! Why can’t you simply give me a topic? Google is stupid sometimes. Wait a second though…I think I hit blogging gold. How about “give me a blog topic“? First couple links are to the same “100 Blog Topics” blog, but the third one looks good…”55 More Blog Posts I Hope You Write.” Success! Thank you Darren Barefoot!

A quick answer for each of the suggested topics though:

  1. The Story of My Most Serious Injury – Dial-a-matic Finger…err, Food Slicer maybe?
  2. The Person I Admire Most – My parents equally
  3. This Will Be My Epitaph – “He lived a good life”
  4. Why I Love My Hometown – What’s not to love about West Valley City, Utah?
  5. Why I Hate My Hometown – What’s not to hate about West Valley City, UT?
  6. Why I Was a Childhood Bully – I wasn’t, except to younger siblings
  7. How I Shop – very badly
  8. How I Choose to Spend My Moneyagain, very badly
  9. I Wish I Spent Less Money on This – everything
  10. Why I’m in My Current Job –because it is easier than not being in a job at all
  11. My Ideal Job – not 100% sure, though I want to teach
  12. My High School Clique – Some from this, some from that
  13. My Worst Subject in School – General Education requirements
  14. If I Had a Super Power – I would be bad ass
  15. Here’s Where My Opinion Differs From the Majority – Gay marriage? Death penalty?
  16. Why I Voted the Way I Did in the Last Election – Because I am smart
  17. Why I Don’t Vote – I do, so it doesn’t apply, except for local elections, but that’s just because I forget
  18. The Cause I Really Believe In – Learning and education
  19. Why I Came To Religion – born into it, left it as soon as I could
  20. Why I Don’t Believe Anymore – treatment of my father, don’t need it in my life
  21. Where I Find Spirituality –in the eyes of a child…not really
  22. My First Kiss – at age 19
  23. My Worst Kiss – umm…March 3, 2003. I don’t know. What kind of topic would this be?
  24. The First Time I Had My Heart Broken – As an adult? Putting Hooka down
  25. Why I Travel – for work
  26. Why I Don’t Travel – too poor
  27. My Philosophy on Raising Children – same as my parents: remember what your name is
  28. Why I Chose My University Degree – because I failed economics at Weber State
  29. My Favorite Place on the Planet – wherever I am at, I am already there
  30. My Greatest Sin Against the Environment – I drive American
  31. Why I Married My Spouse – no comment
  32. My Most Hated Movie – Two: Palindromes and eXistenZ
  33. The Book That Changed My Life – Recently? “Success Principles” by Jack Canfield
  34. My Unexpected Mentor – MAJ Charles Moulton
  35. I Couldn’t Live Without This Song – Something by Ben Folds probably
  36. If I Hear This Song Again, Radio Personalities Will Suffer – don’t really listen to music on the radio
  37. I Have the Craziest Uncle Ever – not really
  38. Why I Believe in Luck – see next one
  39. Why I Don’t Believe in Luck – everything happens for a reason
  40. How I Earned My Worst Karma – I’ll get back to you on this
  41. Where I Volunteer –I donate money to a cause
  42. Why I Don’t Volunteer – no time
  43. My Favorite Item of Clothing Growing Up – dragon jacket from Korea (Eberhard kids know what I’m talking about)
  44. If This Celebrity Knocked On My Door, I’d Run Away With Them – what kind of celebrity?
  45. Why I Care About Celebrities – I don’t really
  46. Why I Love This Sport – which sport?
  47. Why I Hate Sports – I’m not athletically gifted
  48. When I’m at My Most Self-Indulgent – Ice cream or Oreos
  49. How To Be Selfless – care about others, duh!
  50. My Childhood Dreams, and How I’ve Fulfilled Them – still working on that
  51. How I Learned Patience – haven’t really
  52. How My Hard Work Paid Off – it will eventually
  53. I’ve Never Been More Surprised in My Life – we’ll see
  54. What Scares the Shit Out of Me – failing
  55. The Only Thing I Can Teach You – There is a lot to learn from me. Stay tuned.

There. If I run out of stuff to write about, I’ll come back and expand on one of these topics.

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