Rainy Day Blog

I really hate rain. Almost as much as I hate bananas. Or beluga whales for that matter. I don’t hate rain because it makes me wet. I don’t hate it because it makes it cold. I hate rain because it takes the sun away. Maybe I don’t hate rain; maybe I hate non-sunny days. I never really noticed this before this week, and maybe it is all coincidental with work being extra crappy this week for various reasons, but rain kind of ruined my life this week. Really putting a damper on my mood and my plans for this weekend. Whoever makes rain must not want me to be extra happy or something.

Regardless of all the other things that have been making me happy lately, this weather has not helped very much. It discourages me from running outside; I hate the treadmill with a passion, but will put up with it when I need to. I would just run in the rain, but I don’t really like to run by myself either. But I really need to get back in the groove soon, especially if I still plan on running the Army Ten-Miler in October and possibly the Hartford Half-Marathon the following weekend. Not to mention I need to stop being so fat so I can get promoted prior to this deployment so I make more money and don’t get shafted all the time on details and whatnot.

Yeah, I know. I should just suck it up and get over it. I will soon. I promise. I have a little less than four weeks until I go of to Army school for a couple of weeks and I need to establish some sort of fitness level before then so I don’t look like a total fool while there. I already know that I am going to show up fat; I might as well at least be able to get through the PT sessions that they are going to have. I just lack the motivation right now.

You think that She would be enough to get me motivated. And She did motivate me to go to the gym last night, even though I didn’t really do much. But at least I went and did something instead of lounging around all night per usual. Only 18 more days until she leaves for school and I won’t see her for eight weeks. So frustrating.

Okay. Maybe starting tomorrow. We’ll see how I feel in the morning, but every day that I right a blog here, I am going to document my daily physical activity. It’s some self-accountability. Don’t think I’ll get to the 12-mile run on Saturday, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Need to start logging around 15 miles a week during the week, not counting these long runs I am supposed to be doing on Saturday. Need to find a 5k in the next few weeks, maybe one around the 4th of July before I head off to school. I have never ran a 5k before. Don’t know if I ever mentioned that here. I’ve ran the 10-miler twice, and the Manchester Road Race twice, but never an official 5k. Usually that’s where people start. My first race was the 10-miler in 2006. So I have to cross that off the list along the way too.

I felt good the last few times that I ran. If I don’t keep it up, that feeling won’t last long. Plus, I need to see if I can get down around 285 or so before school. Just a small goal of mine. That’s only around 12 pounds or so in four weeks, something that shouldn’t be too hard. Three pounds a week, if not more. We’ll see how it goes.

Stupid wet, unmotiviating, cold, depressing rain. I hate you.

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