Time is of the Essence

Quick note before I get writing today’s blog: I passed a milestone with yesterday’s blog. I have now officially passed the century mark on this here blog. This posting is number 101 on my way to 200. One day at a time.

It has been about four days since I last blogged about Her, and I have consciously decided the past few days to avoid Her as a topic. It is not that she hasn’t been on my mind. It is just the more that I think about her, the more frustrating it gets and the more analytical it gets. So I try to limit myself to a few times a day that I think about her. This may or may not be healthy depending on your opinion of things.

Anyway, the thing that prompted this blog, and I think I may have mentioned this before, is the fact that I am encouraged by the direction that things are going with Her. Granted, we have only been on one “date,” but we have been chatting a lot over text message, so it is good. She let me look at a paper she had to write for WOCS, which I thought was weird. We are trying to make plans for our next adventure, with a trip to the beach tentatively scheduled for this weekend, but no firm commitments.

But this is my dilemma: in a little less then 6 months, I will most likely be deploying with the Army through the end of next year, if not longer. I know I may be getting ahead of myself, but I worry that I am going to lay all of this foundation towards a relationship with Her and have it abruptly end when it comes time to leave. I don’t think six months is long enough to really get to the point where I would think that she would await my return. Nor would I expect her to, unless we “fall in love” or something like that.

I may be jinxing myself going forward, so I really try not to think about it in these terms. But what if she is the (second) one? And because of this pending deployment, I take everything slow and just see what happens? I’ve had a couple of people tell me that I should just tell her how I feel about her, that I think she is good people and I want to spend more time with her to see what happens. I think that whatever this is, we are WAY too early in it to be doing crap like that.

Just thinking “out-blog” today. I could have wrote about a shitty day at work, but that makes me mad.

One thought on “Time is of the Essence

  1. Patience…as hard as it is, that's what you need to keep reminding yourself. A great relationship is built over time. I understand your frustration with the deploying but that's still 6 months away and that's plenty of time to get to know eachother and you'll feel it in your heart when the time is right to express your feelings.

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