Nothing to Write About

I have to admit that I really don’t have anything to say today. Weekends are kind of like that. I didn’t do anything today but laundry and grocery shopping, followed by watching the Red Sox lose to the Rangers and a nap around 5pm. Not really a day for the ages. But I told myself when I started this “A Blog A Day for 30 Days” that it would be a page a day, so we’ll just see what flows from the fingers to the computer. To hearken back to a younger version of this blog, this truly will be some Random Thoughts from a Random Guy.

– If anybody knows me well, they know that I like to consider myself quite a trivia buff, and my knowledge of random things is often a bit too much for people. Take Trivial Pursuit for example; this is one of my favorite games. Unfortunately, since I am so good at it, it is often hard to find people to play with, unless we are playing teams. When this occurs, everyone wants to be on my team obviously, and I dominate like nobody else. Many a game of Trivial Pursuit has ended with random cards being drawn and the “hard” questions being asked of me by the supposed second smartest person in the game. Amazement abounds!

– I honestly think that I could do pretty good on the television game show Jeopardy! While I don’t think I could give Ken Jennings a run for his money, I am sure that I could do better then Gloria Clemente and Cliff Clavin (Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?) The problem with this game, however, is how insanely difficult it is to get on the show. They do the online questions a few times a year, but then you get stuck with horrible questions (answers?) that nobody in their right mind would know.

Quick trivia: Does anybody know what Final Jeopardy question Ken Jennings missed on his final episode after 74 consecutive wins? The answer was: “Most of this firm’s 70,000 seasonal white-collar employees work only four months a year.”

But back to my point about getting on the show. I have taken the pre-question thing about three or four times, and everytime there are at least five questions that I would not know unless I was an Art History major or some expert linguist. Why can’t they make it easier for people to at least get closer to getting on the show? Freaking jerks!

– If not Jeopardy!, why not Who Wants to be a Millionaire? I would dominate this show even more, especially the syndicated version without the fastest finger B.S. But again, another show that it ridiculously difficult to get on. Every time I check to see if they are taking applications (which I must admit really isn’t that often), they are always done for the season. They are currently auditioning for Season 8, but I won’t be able to go do to some other commitments. Boo!

I guess this turned into a blog about trivia games. How lame. I promise tomorrow will be better. Be sure to come back.

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