I Need a Title for this Post

I wish I was the son in some old school television sitcom. In this fantasy world, I would have a mother ask somebody the age old question: “What are your intentions with my son?” So, Mom, if you are reading this, I’ll give you her e-mail address. Feel free to drop her a line and ask.

I’ve mentioned her in a few different of my recent blogs (here, here, and here), so it is obvious that she is on my mind a lot. Is it because I am a bit lonely right now? Perhaps, but I know that this past Saturday was probably the best day that I had in a while, though nothing real dramatic happened. It could just be that we were out as friends and nothing more, which is fine. I need more friends. But the fact that she went out of her way to invite me to spend the day with her has to mean something, right? That, I am encouraged by.

I don’t know if I simply like the idea of her, or if I like her. I don’t think we have spent enough time together in the right situations in order to know this at this point. And am I awesome because I am good at my job, or because she plain thinks I’m awesome. In context, it’s because I am good at my job, but it could be the other thing, too. I just don’t know at this point.

Right now, I am going to take it at the pace it is currently going. We are talking more then we have in the past recently, and sometimes she even initiates the conversations! I think I am playing it pretty cool, though over-analyzing everything a bit. Enough of that.

In closing, say our day in Mystic was our first “date.” What would be an appropriate second date? Looks like nothing is going to happen this weekend because I work and she has friends and family visiting her, which kind of bums me out a bit, since she only has three weeks or so before she goes of to school for six weeks. But if we are able to get together again before she goes off to school,what would be appropriate? Dinner and a movie? A day at Dinosaur State Park (In line with the aquarium trip. Who knows if she even likes dinosaurs?)

I promise tomorrow’s blog will be about something different. Just humor me a bit…

5 thoughts on “I Need a Title for this Post

  1. dinner and a movie is good. The dinner gives you time to talk and then everyone enjoys movies. It's such a "typical" date that I think it would be good and normal. You don't want to grasp at things to do. Have you been to the Dinosaur Park? You don't want another "lame" date. Although it sounded like it ended well and you guys made the most of it which is a very good sign! P.S. Playing it cool and taking it easy is the best thing you can do!

  2. I have never been to the dinosaur park, but I figured it was an open area that would have at least a few more people around just in case she was a bit nervous or something. We could do the dino park during the day then head off to dinner and a movie. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen this weekend because she has her parents and a friend visiting, but we'll see about next weekend when the time comes.

  3. Not happening, at least not this weekend. If I do end up seeing Her this weekend, I might see about setting something up for next week. Plus, I am still looking for a date to Trasformers: Revenge of the Fallen on the 24th, so maybe she can accompany me to that.

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