Work Hijinks

Some people are not liked at their place of employment. This is a fact of life. I personally do not go to work to make friends. The fact that I have made friends at work is just a happy circumstance of seeing them every day for the past few years. Still, some people decide to show up to work and try to make everybody their friend, or automatically assume that everyone is going to/needs to like them. These people I don’t like. I do not usually talk to them beyond anything that is required of the job, and you would think that this should be enough for these people to realize this.

Where this all comes from is an incident that occurred at lunch today. A certain co-worker decided to make it abundantly clear as to where we were planning on lunching. Another co-worker, whom nobody really likes, decides to invite herself along to our lunch. She kind of makes the whole event a downer because we don’t like her. She always talks about stupid stuff that nobody cares about. Does this make us bad people? I don’t think so. In the midst of our lunch, she was blabbering on about something stupid, and I decided to send a quick text to the folks that I actually like, asking: “Why does she talk like everyone cares?” Ms. Rudner decides to read half the message out loud while she is sitting right next to the offending party. Oops. I’ll admit that it probably wasn’t that secret what was going on, but I have gotten away with it before with Ms. Maya. My bad.

Apparently, this upset the offending party and she came back from lunch and locker herself in her office. She may even be crying. Who knows? Do I feel bad about it? A little. But as I stated in the opening, I am not here to make friends. If she doesn’t realize by now that she is not liked, it is not for us to keep pretending like we do. Some people just don’t understand.

For an older blog about why we don’t like working in an office, click here.

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