Where Do I Go From Here?

WARNING: Another blog about possible over-analysis of my life with the female of the species.

The last few days have been interesting to say the least. But is it a move in a favorable direction for me? Or am I simply misinterpreting these things? Like the title of this blog says: where do I go from here?

After inviting myself to casino night with Maya and Aaron, why not invite her as well, right? She lives down that way and it was a great idea. Sure she showed up late, and with a friend to boot, but she wasn’t really there to gamble, so we (myself, her, and her friend) decided to walk around the opulence that is the Mohegan Sun. We chatted a bit as we walked around, and I feel like things went better then our last outing together at the Ben Folds concert. So while her friend was losing way too much money on the penny slots and craps, we were just talking, not really about anything in particular, but small talk, which I generally despise. After people watching in the hotel lobby while drinking our Starbucks waiting for her friend to finish losing the rest of his money, we bid adieu at the bus stop with the requisite pleasantries.

I went and said goodbye to Maya and Aaron, and began the drive home. I sent her a text to thank her for coming down and meeting us. Out of this conversation came an invite from her to “go on an adventure” the next day. The town of Mystic is agreed on as our destination on Saturday. She told me to text her when I was ready to meet in Mystic, so that was the plan. It sure made the rest of my drive home a bit happier to know that I would be seeing her again so soon.

Saturday afternoon, I awoke after about five hours of sleep, needing to do some things prior to the Mystic excursion. While doing laundry, she texted me first asking if I was still planning on going to Mystic. Of course I was! We agreed to meet at the aquarium later. I finished my chores and began yet another trek to the southern part of Connecticut. If you have never been to the Mystic Aquarium, you are not missing much. No penguin exhibit (under renovations). No dolphins (but three beluga whales). Birds for some reason, but extra money to see them (huh?). A whole shit-ton of sea lions, but not any seals (though I do now know the difference). Again, we walked around and talked, shared what seems to be an affinity for stupid jokes about stuff in general, and watched the sea lion show (no flaming hoops or balls on noses!). So far, so good.

Next, we went to the Mystic Seaport, which is apparently “The Museum of America and the Sea.” It also costs $24 more dollars to go look at a bunch of boats along the seaport. No thank you. We decided to go get some food, and decided to go for some Mystic Pizza. No Julia Roberts, but decent pizza nonetheless. We then walked down the free part of the seaport, had some ice cream and waited for the drawbridge to go up like the schedule said. No dice. So, while Mystic appears to be a pretty nice little coastal town, we left unfulfilled because of the lack of drawbridge action, no Mystic Pirates, nothing of the sort. We did park illegally at the bank for a few hours to make up for it though.

So this brings me to my current dilemma: what was this? Were the past few days just a couple of friends hanging out? Or does it mean more? Again…where do I go from here?

Whatever it is, or whatever happens next, I had a good couple of days.

4 thoughts on “Where Do I Go From Here?

  1. Casino night Mike & I both think was definatley friends hanging out. Mystic Seaport sounds like it could have been a date but it was not a romantic type of setting so it is unclear. However, dating is just getting to know each other better.Time will give you the best answer. As a start, ask her out and see what her answer is, that will you a clue if she says "yes" and if she says "no" you will have your answer right away that it was just friends going out and nothing more.If she agrees to see you again, then later on, ask her out to a more romantic type of setting.An 80s funk song came to my head by Leon Haywood:"Don't push it, don't force it, let it happen naturally, it will surely happen if love was meant to be."

  2. 'Tis the plan for now. I am not in a rush or anything, but she will be going away for six weeks the end of June, but I'll be gone most of that time too. We'll see what happens.

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