A Book, but First…

If the Army decides that it will let me deploy, I have every intention of writing a book. Now, I make no claims of being an actual writer or anything like that, nor do I intend to write a best-selling book that will be read by millions, though that would not be a bad thing. My vision for this book is a “war journal” of some type, though not about the actual war, at least directly. Simply daily thoughts on whatever was on my mind that day, at least a page in length for the duration of the deployment.

In order to do this, however, I need to get some practice writing something everyday. So for the month of June, I will be blogging here everyday. Some days I might simply journal but then blog it later when I have access to the internet again. But everyone says a habit is develped after 21 days of doing something, so hopefully it will be an enduring habit that follows through that would enable me to journalize my deployment experience.

So check back here June 1st, and every day after that, for all sorts of blogging goodness. Maybe you’ll be entertained. Maybe you’ll be bored. But maybe you will witness something super fancy as I learn how to blog something every day. Hope you enjoy!

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