Non-Sexual Man Crush

Let me explain what I mean right off the bat here with this one, though you can probably figure it out if we break it down, Mickey Mouse style:

“Non-sexual” – Don’t want to have sex with these people

“Man” – gender = male

“Crush” – I like what these people do, not necessarily the way they look or anything like that. It is more about talent.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way…

In recent blog posts and other locations about the vast Internet, I have discussed my non-sexual man crushes, and led others to do the same. I found out a rather disturbing thing about my older brother in the process and his number 1 on said list, and let me just say “Wow!” Peter Tork? Really?

Anyway, since I have nothing else to do at ork right now (your tax dollars at work), I have decided to formally publish my list of said crushes. My top five has been pretty consistant over the past few years, though people might change positional every now and again depending on my mood and what recent projects they may have done. So onto the list:

1) Brad Pitt – Now, if I was a woman, I might rave about bulging muscles, or blue eyes, or whatever else it is that woman rave about Brad Pitt. But I appreciate Brad Pitt for roles in movies he has done. That is all. He has been in many of my favorite movies, including “Se7en,” “Sleepers,” “Fight Club,” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” I also cannot wait to see him in Quentin Tarantino’s next movie “Inglourious Basterds,” which I recently saw a preview for and cannot wait for it to come out in theaters. It combines two of my favorite things in the world: Brad Pitt and World War II. Hoory!

2) Edward Norton – Ed Norton even has a cross-over with number 1 in “Fight Club,” which is why it is one of my favorite movies. Other favorites of mine include: “American History X,” “Rounders,” “Death to Smoochy,” and “The Italian Job.” He has also been in some crappy movies too, but it’s Edward Norton. It’s okay.

3) Ben Folds – As much as I talk about this guy, you think he would be higher. And he probably would if I could see him in concert every day, or he kept putting out albums all the time. But either way, I am a big fan of his, and will buy most anything he puts out. Plus, I will make a lot of effort to see him when he is near by because his live shows are awesome. My favorite show was probably in the gym at Western Connecticut State, if only because it was just him and his piano. The piano is what makes the man.

4) Jason Lee – Apparently, he used to be a professional skateboarder. He and Tony Hawk were the first skaters to have their own shoes. But that is not why I like him. He came to prominance in the movies of Kevin Smith, appearing in most of the movies, with the first appearance as Brodie in “Mallrats,” the lightly regarded but underrated movie in the Kevin Smith library. He is now known mostly as Earl Hickey from “My Name is Earl” on TV. I’ll even like him now that I learned he’s a Scientologist, but that may bump him down the list in the future.

5) Kevin Spacey – Another great actor, I don’t know why I like him other then he seems to pop up in good movies that I like. He’s a multiple Oscar winner to boot! I didn’t really notice him as a great actor until the career maker that was “American Beauty,” but he was in good movies before that: “The Usual Suspects,” “Se7en” (another cross-over with number 1), “L.A. Confidential,” and good movies after, like “Beyond the Sea” and “The United States of Leland.”

So there you have it. No more questions about it. List is subject to change at any time.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Non-Sexual Man Crush

  1. I knew what you meant. My 2 crushes- the one in the 70s and then the one in the 80s were based on looks, not talent, different than your crush. Kathy’s old crush on Brad Pitt is different than yours too. I don’t have any celebrity whose talent I admire although there are some bands or singers that I like a lot of their songs and I do enjoy watching professional ballroom/Latin dancers so I admire them collectively. Speaking of crushes, the one I wrote about on Goodreads, Don Johnson, that I thought was hot during his Miami Vice days when he drove the black Ferrari (not anymore); I’m wearing an old T-shirt I have of him tonight. Tonight is an 80s theme Friday night dance party after the dance lesson. Mike is wearing his 80s “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood T-shirt.

  2. Why were you disturbed to read about my non-sexual male crush on Peter Tork? That was back in the 70s. I remember it starting when I was maybe around 8. It kind of died down for a while and then flared up again when I was 16 and MTV started showing reruns of The Monkees TV show.One of my other childhood non-sexual man crushes would have been Jimmy of HR Puffenstuff. I have to think really hard for any modern day ones besides “Wilson” from the movie “Castaway”. I only go to the movie theater about once or twice a year but I do put some on Netflix. The last movie we went to was last summer to take Nickolas and Alexis to see “Horton Hears a Who”. Since we go to bed early because of our early work schedule, I don’t watch much prime time TV either except what I record on the VCR. So I’m out of touch with the modern day celebrities.

  3. Peter Tork just looks like a goon now is all. I faintly remember what he looked like in the Monkees days, so maybe it was okay for eight year old Mike to like him. Sometimes I just forget how old you are 🙂

  4. “Non-sexual man crush?!” Seriously? LOLGood list. A tad random, but good. Any list that starts off with Brad Pitt can’t be rated “bad.” Too bad he’s a home-wreckin’ homo. But boy does he look good in a leather skirt. ME-YOW!

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