Ben Folds is a Piano God!

In a little over eight hours, I am off to see Ben Folds. If he happens to play anything close to the set list that he played in New Jersey a few nights ago, I think I might cry, though that would be awfully embarrassing, especially considering the company that I will have with me. Not a great way to make a good impression. Not a first impression, mind you, as I have known my “not date” for many years, but this is the first social experiment with this particular person. Crossing my fingers!

After the “not date” to the Ben Folds show, we are meeting some other peeps at a piano bar around the corner, Keys to the City, where we will frolic as long as possible. Should be good times.

I’ll be sure to post an update when I get around to it to share my experiences. As I have told many people, if you have never seen Ben Folds live, it is a life altering experience, one from which you will never recovery. I encourage you to see him at least once, and be sure to invite me. Ben Folds has officially moved to number three on my non-sexual Man Crush list.

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