For those of you who wear fanny packs…

I know you were sitting out there today and wondering to yourself, “Hmm. I wonder what is going on with my easternmost friend/brother/casual acquaintance. I wish he would post an update on his blog about what he has been up to and what else is going on in his life.” Well, if you came here tonight looking for such a blog, I am afraid to say you will navigate away sadly disappointed. But do not fret, faithful readers. This here is what I call a teaser blog. I’ve piqued your interest, and you are wondering when the next one will be. And to that I say, “Soon.”

Within the next few days, I will begin blogging again. I fear that I have been amiss in my blogging responsibilities, especially in light of the proficiency of some of my friends and there blogging prowess. Enough is enough. If you remember back to the beginning of this blog, it was a challenge between two friends, one that I led until a certain someone decided to blog every other day about making cards and boxes and scrapbooks and jewelry and everything else. That, my friends, is cheating, and I refuse to count any of those blogs. I will count, though, and I will come out ahead.

I am not making any promises. We saw how well “Song of the Week” went. Sadly, it died a lonely, painless, and miserable death. It might be resurrected, but I am not really listening to any music right now other then Ben Folds, and as much as I like Ben Folds, half of y’all don’t even know who he is. But here are some other ideas for future, semi-regular blogs:

1) Workout tracker – I started a recent workout program with the peeps at work so I can pass a PT test and stay in the Army. This will also segue into training for the Army Ten-Miler beginning in April, and possibly a marathon before the end of the year.

2) Book review – Seeing as how I only read about one book a month, this might be a monthly blog, but you can see what books I have read in the Good Reads widget on my main blog page. I am going to start doing a lot of reading for some reason, and you will be the first to back in the knowledge that I am to gain.

3) CD review – I thought about a weekly CD review, covering some of my vast music collection, but then I realized I really don’t know a whole lot about music, so onto…

4) Movie review – I don’t go to a lot of movies (Last House on the Left notwithstanding), but I have seen a lot of movies, and with free HBO for the next few months, I often find myself watching movies that I wouldn’t normally watch (like Definitely, Maybe), so maybe I will use this one to fill in opinions on recent, or not so recent movies. Plus, with spring/summer movie season soon upon us, I plan on watching some great movies within the next six months or so.

5) This Army Life – The thoughts on this one is that I am going to journalize some Army stuff, for posterity, or for just recollection sake. I do this if only because I am going to be famous one day and somebody is going to write a book about me and will need some filler material to fill in my recent life. But we’ll see how that goes. My next major blog will be from this very series. Within two days. Mark your calendars.

6) Miscellaneous – There are a lot of random other things going on in my life, and they will be blogged about, I guarantee. Nothing significant, though my life can sometimes be kind of out there. I’m sure I share the same stories with many, but I am hoping my good humor and keen sense of comic timing can make this snippets of my life charming and enjoyable. I guess we will find out.

So there you have it. You now await the next great thing to flow from this keyboard. As mentioned above, you should see a life-changing new blog within two days. It may be good, it may be bad, depending on your perspective of things, but it has a large impact on my recent life, and my future one as well.

Prepare to be enthralled once more.

P.S. Hey Meg! Consider the gauntlet rethrown. Three to four blogs a week are coming your way.

P.P.S. Bonus points to who knows where the title of this blog came from.

P.P.P.S. And by bonus points, I mean the satisfaction of being as cool as me.

P.P.P.P.S. Not that you aren’t all as cool as me already.

3 thoughts on “For those of you who wear fanny packs…

  1. In the words of one Bob-o, it’s on like Donkey Kong!And my creative musings are blog content at its finest. I’d like to see you turn a piece of paper into a bitty gift bag o’ cards. I’m looking forward to the new lineup and regular posts. Let me know when you surpass 136 comments. 😉

  2. Who said anything about ranting? Though that is a good idea for another blog subject. Almost up to seven, one for each day of the week.

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