Googling Myself

One of the recent blogs by my lovely sister Jen got me to thinking, which itself can be a dangerous thing. I was thinking about my internet foot print and what inquisitive minds could find out about me by using the Google and searching by my name. So that is what I did. The wonderfully awesome results are below. Only half of the top ten are actually me though, but it is still fun.

1) Robert Eberhard Campaign Contributions and Donations: Apparently, I am a self-employed dairyman from Oregon who likes to donate money to various political entities, including $300 to John McCain. No way this is really me.

2) Church Stained-Glass Windows: I also update a sight about stained-glass windows of churches in England. A real renaissance man, I am.

3) Robert Eberhard – Artist, Art: This is definitely not me. I was not born in 1884 and my middle name is not George.

4) Robert Eberhard Launitz: Again not me, if only because I am a horrible sculptor and by no means famous. If you have ever played Cranium with me, you know of my sculpting skills.

5 & 6) Robert Eberhard – LinkedIn: Finally one that is really me, though I do need to get a better picture up on that sight. I don’t wear glasses anymore and that picture makes me look like I have a fat head.

7) Classmates: Robert Eberhard: Can’t actually look at this one from work, but I am assuming it is my Classmates profile. Okay, so they apparently deleted my Classmates profile. that’s okay though. That’s why there is MySpace and Facebook.

8) Robert Eberhard – $1,650 in Political Contributions for 2008: This is an extension of #1, but from a different site. Again, I do not live in Oregon and I tend to not support Republicans in elections, whether they are national or local.

9) Profile for Robert Eberhard: This is me, too. You can see what books and other stuff that I like.

10) Robert Eberhard – Facebook: Not me on Facebook. Some other Robert Eberhard on Facebook. Looks like he skis.

That was fun. Maybe next time I’ll use Dogpile, which is better for finding articles and information about people.

2 thoughts on “Googling Myself

  1. Ha! I love this post. I may have to copy this someday. How’s this? I’ll let you copy one of my card-making posts in exchange for this idea. Deal? Deal! đŸ˜‰ Oh, and thanks for sharing the info about the second site. I’ve never heard of it. I’m going to check it out.

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