So Far, So Bad…

Not making a whole lot of progress as of yet on the New Year goals. Heck, it’s been almost two weeks since I wrote that stuff and I think I’ve ran once. Blame it on the New England weather I guess. Oh, and the fact that they are tearing up our gym at work and moving it to the band room. I should just join a gym, but disposable income is not what I have a lot of these days.

So far, the first two weeks of school have been okay. If you don’t know, I am going back to school to broaden my horizons a bit and focus on my post Army career just in case things don’t start going my way in the weight department and I have to find a new job circa August 7, 2009. I was offered a job in Salt Lake City this past week, though the report date was a bit soon and it wasn’t a promotion. Plus, I would be in the same boat come August, so it probably wouldn’t be a good move for me. If they’d give me another month, I would probably take it though. I can’t afford to live here anymore and if I am going to take an entry-level accounting job somewhere, it will have to be at about 75% of my current income. Not really likely here.

Supposedly, the bonus I was recommended for at work got approved this year, and if it is, I should see it with my next paycheck. A bonus is nice, but they could save themselves about $1000 and just promote me instead. That doesn’t look too promising either, if only because our higher headquarters are broken beyond repair. They claim being short-staffed and over-worked, yet the three pending applications I have with them have been sitting there for at least three months. The should just fill the positions already, or re-advertise them so people can apply. I don’t think I would have a problem working in Pittsburgh.

I interviewed with H&R Block on Friday for a part-time thing during tax season. Help me get some exposure to taxes, or at least more than I already have. I thought it went good, and it sounded like they are hiring a bunch of people, so hopefully I will hear something tomorrow. I guess we will see. If it does happen, then I may be in a little bit better shape financially, but at the cost of my free time. But it is only for four months, so it won’t be that bad I suppose. Not that I do anything productive in my free time anyway…

7 thoughts on “So Far, So Bad…

  1. It is a possibility. I am going to be looking for accounting jobs once I actually start to get in the weeds of actually applying for other jobs. Anything that is not around here though I need to wait on because I don’t really want to break my lease unless I have to.

  2. Good Luck brother…There is an accounts recievables clerk position out here in Bakersfield…working for Kern Oil…I thought the work would be dead boring, but maybe it is just at an oil refinery…Salt Lake is actually not too shabby of a place to look for jobs…I mean, the economy there is still good, cost of living is still reasonable, and it’s a nice place. Now that I live in a not so nice place, I can appreciate it more.

  3. I’ve been looking a lot of places right now, and I think my best option is going to be to move…somewhere. “Entry-level” accounting jobs here start at $50k, but they want experience. How that is entry-level, I don’t know. I think when I am ready to move in July or so, I am actually going to really look for a job elsewhere, a place that I can afford to live on the cheap and take a 10-15% pay cut if need be to get the right position. Salt Lake is appealing, and they even have one of the “Big 4” accounting firms with an office there.

  4. Hooray for bonuses! I’m glad you got something. With the way of the world today, I’m honestly surprised to see my paychecks arrive. Sad, but true.

  5. I have not yet received my bonus, though they told me I was supposed to get one last year, but that never materialized either. So I am not holding y breath. It would be nice to get that extra money in my pocket, though it would push me up a tax bracket or two.

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