A Rant for Rant’s Sake – Update

So, the offending bank sent me an e-mail asking to do a survey about their particular hiring practices in relation to the proof operator position that I interviewed for. I’ll just say that my response was not pretty, but I doubt anything will come of it. I have posted the contents of my response below, with no modifications in anyway. Now you will see who the offending bank is in this matter.

I went into the interview excited for the opportunity to work for Bank of America. I left feeling upset and angry with Bank of America’s hiring practices and the type of people that they use to interview prospective employees. The interview was going fine, and it seemed that I was very close to a formal interview for the position. When I mentioned that I was in the Army Reserve, Mr. Tynan immediately seemed to view this as a problem and wanted to make sure that my obligations would not interfere with the job. This was especially evident when I mentioned that I would be unavailable on two Friday nights in the next four months due to my Reserve obligation. He said that because of this fact, he didn’t think that I would be a good fit because “Friday nights are a high call out night and the managers aren’t very receptive to people taking off Friday nights.” They aren’t very receptive to someone performing military obligations? This attitude is borderline illegal and I am seriously considering contacting the appropriate organizations who deal with Reservists employment rights on whether or not this practice is legal. I fail to see how missing two Fridays of 16 is a major problem, stating that it would make the other employees work longer those two nights and that it would be unfair to them. I would have been able to provide them with dates for any military obligations in advance so that the managers could work around these absences, and stated that I was willing to make up those days on another night. Frankly, I am disgusted that Bank of America, and Michael Tynan in particular, do not support the members of the United States military and have decided to cease all business with the bank and have encouraged those I know to do the same. I doubt that this survey will get to anyone who can do anything about this, but if it does, I would seriously consider that the company reevaluate their hiring practices and whom they use as the voice of their organization to prospective candidates.

A boy can dream that his comments take down “Big America” right?

3 thoughts on “A Rant for Rant’s Sake – Update

  1. That is ridiculous! You would think that the largest bank in the country would be so disrespectful to someone who is willing to put their life on the line in some foreign country so that we can have our freedoms. I don’t have faith that it will do anything, why would they want to acknowledge that they are inconsiderate idiots. Way to be honest in your survey though.

  2. Bank of America? Sounds more like Bank of Anti-America to me. Sheesh! Way to write a review, Bob. At least you know you did your part to get your frustrations across. And I would look into this further, not because it’s a job you have to have, but because of the nature of the matter. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

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