A Rant for Rant’s Sake

Last week, I applied for a job with a large national bank (whom will remain nameless) as an overnight code operator or something like that. Just an extra job to see if I can make a couple extra hundred dollars a month or so to help pay my bills and whatnot. The position was going to be about 15 hours a week or so, Monday, Wednesday and Friday night and every other Sunday. Just typing in check amounts in some machine. Decent pay for the job I guess.

Anywho, I had my phone interview this afternoon with Mike T. from said bank. Told me everything about the position and what it was to offer and everything. I mentioned that I was in the Army Reserve and that once every few months I might have to miss a Friday night to perform these duties. I know the dates already through the end of September and could have given them to him right now. His response kind of upset me:

Him: “Well, Friday night’s are a big call out night and the managers aren’t to favorable to people not working on Friday night.”
Me: “Even if it only one Friday every three months and I can give you all those dates right now?”
Him: “Yeah, we have to treat everyone equally and can’t make exceptions.”
Me: “Really? Are you serious? Even if I’ll be there every other Friday?”
Him: “Yeah, the managers aren’t really flexible on this. It’s just because Friday’s tend to be a high call out night. Maybe you won’t be a fit for this position.”
Me: “Well, I am CONTRACTED to the Army and I am REQUIRED to perform this duty, so yeah, I guess it looks that way.”
Him: “Okay, thanks.”
Me: “Yeah, thanks for supporting the Army Reserve.”
Him: “Okay, goodbye.”

Click. Hangs up. So, Mr. T., consider your bank boycotted by me from this point going forward. I don’t have an account there, though I used to, but closed it because they started charging rediculous fees and whatnot. I won’t even use their ATMs anymore. And this same bank even claims to have “military banking!” They don’t seem very military-friendly to me.

But I am just one person in this world. But it’s the principle, damn it!

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