Sarah Palin – 2012

I saw this this morning in the paper version of the Hartford Courant, and a had a few thoughts:

1) President-elect Barack Obama hasn’t even sworn in and they are already talking about “endur(ing) the Barack Obama years.” Huh?

2) Apparently, the NATIONAL Republican Party isn’t doing enough for my new town:

“The Republican Party has lost its way,” said James Bailey Brislin, a 24-year-old party activist from Enfield. “It became dominated by D.C. insiders who are completely out of touch with what’s going on in Enfield, Connecticut. … Sarah Palin is who we need moving forward.”

Right. Because the “D.C. insiders” need to know what happens in Enfield, Connecticut, a town of around 45,000 people. What a tool!

3) Interesting… I wonder if Susan B. Anthony knows about this:

But supporters such as Motherway, Brislin and Trawick already have found an outlet for their pro-Palin activism. It’s called, a social networking site with more than 60,000 members who are determined to stay connected and keep the conversation going.

This virtual community, launched before the election, is an offshoot of the Susan B. Anthony List, a political action group dedicated to helping women who are anti-abortion and running for elective office.

Was Susan B. Anthony anti-abortion? Did she only want to see men and women marry each other? Last I checked, she just fought for women’s suffrage. Apparently that mean no abortion or same-sex marriages. If I know Susan B. Anthony, and feel free to correct me on this, it seems like those two issues go against her whole idea of equal protection and all that. Just a thought.

4) Apparently, it is not important to know anything to be President. You just have to be…”different…She wasn’t steeped in the Senate, she wasn’t from a Washington family, she was something new … and women, especially, see Palin as an everyday woman who is dealing with the same issues they’re dealing with.”

Right, like having a pregnant teenage daughter is something an “everyday woman” deals with.

5) Back to the guy from Enfield:

“I think abortion and the definition of marriage are two of the most important issues of our time,” said Brislin, the Enfield Republican. A devout Catholic, he believes his party ought to emphasize small government and a return to “traditional values.”

Small government accomplishes nothing. If we had a small government, we would be in the midst of a Great Depression right now, or wouldn’t be safe from “terrorists.” Thanks Department of Homeland Security, another “Big Government” program started by a Republican president.

6) Couldn’t have said it better myself: “With her, what you see is what you get.” What I see is someone who can barely govern the second-least populous state in the United States and can’t answer a question unless the answer shows up on a teleprompter.

I’m all for everyone supporting their own candidate, but we haven’t even seen what President Obama is going to be yet. Before we start to think about replacing him in 2012, we should let him do the job he was elected to do. I was just surprised to see this in Connecticut, one of the most liberal states in the Union.

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