Manchester Road Race

Ah, the Manchester Road Race… giving the residents of Manchester an excuse to drink at 10 am on Thanksgiving morning for over 70 years!

I ran the race this morning. It was a beautiful day once we actually started running, with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. Lots of people per usual, but a good time. While I would have liked to be a little more prepared for the race, it was nice to get out and run again, something that I haven’t really been doing with any regularity lately. It proved to me that there is still some fitness there, but I just need to start getting into a routine again and working at it. There was a time two years ago where running wasn’t a chore like it is now, but my life has been very different since my first Army Ten Miler. But with the looming end of my burgeoning Army career only a short nine months away, it is time for me to get serious. Serious about my weight and my fitness, if not only for the Army, but for my life. No more excuses.

– I am going to try to run at least one organized race a month, leading up to the Ten Miler again next year, and maybe the Hartford Half-Marathon too.

– I am going to get a bike and ride to work in the spring, at least a few days a week, especially since I am closer and the route is not too bad.

– I am going to watch what I eat, and cut back on the beer/alcohol. Not a diet per se, but a better way of eating.

If I do these things, I will be able to continue my career, serving the country that I love, and might actually have a chance with the ladies when I am all buff. That will be sweet!

One thought on “Manchester Road Race

  1. Yay for Bobby! Good luck, you have the motivation and that’s what starts it all! I really want to run more too, I don’t particularly enjoy it, but it’s only because it’s still a chore for me! Love ya!

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