Holiday Tag

Top 3 Vacations
1. Germany (someday)
2. South Korea (though not really a vacation)
3. Hawaii

Top 3 Favorite Flowers
1. The skunk in Bambi
2. Red ones
3. White ones

Top 3 favorite comfort foods
1. ice cream
2. anything parental made (clams on toast, enchiladas, chili, sloppy joes, tacos, chili mac, etc)
3. beer (is that a food?)

Top 3 Places to Shop
1. Best Buy
2. GameStop
3. anyplace else I can afford

Top 3 Opinions About Halloween
1. Could care less about it
2. Good excuse to buy four bags of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups for myself
3. Good excuse for a party at the Wilper’s

Top 3 Opinions About Thanksgiving
1. Favorite holiday ever
2. I love me some turkey soup with homemade dumplings
3. Vegging out in front of the TV

Top 3 Opinions About Christmas
1. Too close to my birthday (the dreaded “double present”
2. I hate shopping
3. I hate Christmas music

Top 3 things I look forward to during the week. I’m not so sure I like this question. Is it this week, next week, every week, I sure don’t have the same routine each week…but with that said…
1. Friday
2. Football on the weekend
3. going out on Saturday

Top 3 Events Happening This Week
1. TFA concert
2. Raking me some leaves
3. Umm…

I tag whomever actually reads this and hasn’t done it yet

One thought on “Holiday Tag

  1. Hey Bob-O,Thanks for the nice comment. Turns out Ma hasn’t told many people yet, so the blog post has come down for awhile. (The last thing I want is for a family member to read about something like this on my blog.)Anyhoo, I think by hiding the post I’ve accidentally deleted your nice comment. I’ll know for sure when it reposts. Either way, I appreciate your support and love. Love,M

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