Where’s my Bailout?

So, I came up with a plan to pay off my current credit card situation: I am asking my Senators for a bailout. Since they both supported H.R. 1424, which is now Public Law 110-343, I sent them both a letter asking for a $45,000 bailout. If it works for the banks, maybe it will work for me. My letter to Senator Lieberman is below. The one to Senator Dodd was pretty close to it, just with a different introductory line. I will keep you posted if I get a response, though I don’t think one is likely.

I would have sent one to my Congressman Joe Courtney, but he actually voted against it. Hooray!

“Senator Lieberman,

I see that you were in support of H.R. 1424, which has now become Public Law 110-343. While I too feel it is important to make the financial services industry of our country more solvent, I do not feel that it is prudent for the government to “bail out” people or organizations that have made poor financial decisions, especially at the cost to the American taxpayers.

However, since you feel that it is important for this bailout to become law and spend upwards of $700 billion dollars to do so, I propose that you also help all of those other people whom have made poor financial decisions. In this, I am mainly talking about myself, but I am not the only person in my situation in Connecticut that could probably use some help.

That all being said, I, like Wall Street banking firms and mortgage lenders, have made some poor financial decisions in my recent past, and have accumulated quite a bit of “bad debt” that I will most likely be paying of for the rest of my life. Why not bail me out as well? It will cost substantially less to do so, since I believe around $45,000 would be sufficient to help me alleviate some of this debt burden I am facing. With no debt, I will be then be better able to participate fully in the U.S. economy, spending and saving my money to help it through the rough patch that it is currently experiencing, doing my best to help “re-stimulate” the economy.

So, if such an individual bailout is possible, please let me know. You have my address where you can send the check. I assure you that I will put the money to pay off all my “bad debt,” and I am willing to provide the statements to prove it if need be.

Thank you for your service to our country and your assistance in helping it through these troubled times.”

Contact for your own bailout here.

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