7 Random Things About Me

I stole this from Stef, but here goes. Let’s see if I can come up with seven things:

1) I wore shoes that were too big for a good portion of my adult life. Growing up poor as we did, I became accustomed to buying my shoes a few sizes larger so that I could “grow into them.” Well, this theory served me well into my latter teens, and I was wearing size 13 shoes until I shipped to Basic Training. During our initial issue, I told the friendly civilians at the issue point that I was a size 13. The blank stare I received told me I was wrong and what do I get for thinking. They gave me some 11 boots that fit like a glove and since then, I am usually around 11 or 11 1/2 depending on the show. Weird…or random?

2) Appointment television is my friend. For the longest time, I have had my “shows” that I watch on a weekly basis. It used to be that I would tape them when I was at work and watch them on weekends and whatnot, but now the internet makes it easy not to do that. I used to have a show every day of the week Sunday through Thursday, but no more! I tend to stick to Monday (Heroes), Tuesday (House, Fringe), and Thursday (Office). I watch other shows, but if I miss them, I don’t get as upset as I used to.

3) When I lose weight, my body fat percentage goes up. At least according to Army standards, which takes a measurement of your neck and belly circumferences and does some math to figure out an estimated body fat. Case in point: About 2 1/2 years ago when I did Jenny Craig, I started at around 295 pounds and 32% body fat. As I lost weight, my neck got smaller faster then my belly, so my body fat went up to 36%, even when I weighed 265 pounds. Now, if I could only get down to around 208, I wouldn’t have to worry about this nonsense, but, meh…

4) I used to walk in my sleep. So badly, in fact, that they probably would have kicked me out of the Army had the right people known. Many a night, I was found standing at attention at the foot of my bed, or “waking up” and heading downstairs for formations I thought I was late for. Methinks it was stress induced, but I am no doctor.

5) I don’t like “active dirt.” Now, what do I mean by active dirt? Active dirt is the top layer of dirt on your hands after you’ve been doing stuff in the dirt for a while. It usually occurs after a long time spent digging or otherwise doing dirty things. My hands can be filthy and needing a good cleaning, but as long as I get the top layer of grime off, I am fine to do anything, to include eat. Must be an Army thing.

6) I could probably win at Jeopardy. Well, a lot of people probably could, but I feel like I always know just enough to win, though I have never been on the show so I don’t know. Not for lack of trying though. I just retain a lot of useful trivia. For proof, play Trivial Pursuit with me and walk away amazed.

7) I have a bit of a photographic memory. Might help explain number 6, but I have the innate ability to remember exactly where on a page a piece of data is when taking a test or researching or something like that. I just need to read something a few times and I have a pretty good idea what at least the gist of the thing was. Not so much recently, but I remember instances in high school and college where things would just come to me and I could see it written in my notes in my head, and lo and behold, it would be exactly as I saw it when I went back later. Imagine if I actually applied myself in school what a total genius I would be right now? It’s scary really.

Okay, thanks for reading. Sorry there are no little pictures, but I am not fruity like that.

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