Yet Another Post About Ben Folds

Yeah, I know. Lots of stuff about Ben Folds. Like I said, he is my new man crush, but don’t cry Brad Pitt. I just got another one of your movies, and as soon as I get a few free minutes, I will watch and enjoy.

Any who, I tried to stay up last night to watch Mr. Ben on Conan last night, but, alas, I fell asleep unfortunately. That is why Al Gore invented YouTube though, so enjoy.

Click here for Ben Folds awesomeness.

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Post About Ben Folds

  1. Me thinks Josh Groban can be cool then, but Ben Folds is a piano rock god on par with Elton John, Billy Joel, and, dare I say, Liberace. If they release a song together, I will but it, but only that song.

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