Ben Folds in Boston

So, I went and saw Ben Folds in Boston last Friday, and let me tell you, it was a kick ass show. He spent the first hour playing new stuff from his new album “Way to Normal,” both the fake “leaked” versions of the song and the album cuts. It was probably the loudest Ben Folds concert I have ever been to. His new songs are good stuff, especially songs like “Free Coffee.” Before he starts playing this song, he puts tins of Altoids inside of his piano on the strings to create a distorted sound. I first heard this song when he played it at Western, and it was just as great this time around. After playing new stuff for an hour, and telling us that he was doing it, his encore consisted of old songs, including a couple from his Ben Folds Five days. He played one of my all-time favorite BFF songs, “Underground,” from the first Ben Folds Five album. Great song, and even better live. The last song he played was another new favorite from the new album called “The Frown Song,” during which he did not sit at the piano and instead walked around the stage and sang. If you have never seen Ben Folds live, even if you aren’t a huge fan of his music, let me know next time he is around and I will let you accompany me to a concert to soak in his greatness. He is an awesome showman.

Another plus about this concert was the opening act. Missy Higgins is a singer/songwriter from Australia who went back and forth from guitar and keyboard while rocking during her 40 minute long set. You should check out her music if you like well written songs with good piano/guitar licks. This concert made me appreciate Ben Folds even more, and made up for the so-so concert in Philadelphia with the orchestra.

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