Can’t we all just get along?

I’ve seen a lot of stuff around lately, mostly from conservative-types out West. Apparently, with the big presidential election coming in November, the Christian Right is again pressing more states to adopt the so-called “Marriage Amendment,” an amendment to state constitutions that defines marriage only as a union between man and woman. To me, this is ridiculous. I fail to see what the point is.

Sure, people like to focus on the families and everything, but why can’t people focus on happiness? Who cares what the gender of the one you decide to spend your life with? Is is anybody else’s business what you decide to do in your own life? No. Fifty percent of marriage ends in divorce anyway. Why not focus on the 50% of marriages ending in divorce instead of focusing on the one’s that might actually have a chance? There are more problems in this country, too many to really mention, and we are concerned that Ellen and Portia can get married, legally, in another state that we don’t live in? Big deal!

There was a time in this country where it was illegal, in some parts of the country, for an African-American to marry a Caucasian. These same “Red States” that once thought this was illegal are now trying to do the same thing to Same-Sex Marriage. Find something else to worry about, please?

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