Fun times with women I have no chance of sleeping with

Been a while, I know, but I’ve just been busy, catching up on work after being gone for a few weeks on vacation. I haven’t even uploaded my pictures yet, I’ve been so busy.

I would like to post that I had a wonderful time at Up or On the Rocks with Aimee, Ashley, and Maya last night into early this morning. I am quite content in my abilities to at least dance like every other white guy there, so I am losing that inhibition a little bit. It was good times and I am looking forward to going out with these great people again soon, whether it is to the club or perhaps bowling/karaoke, which was good times last time, aside from the DUI stop and near arrest. Well, not near arrest, but anytime the po-po is on your case, it is not a good time.

Until next time.

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