Vacation is ending…

All in all, I have had a good vacation. My attempt at reconnecting with an old friend failed, but at least I tried. Perhaps if/when I return to Utah, I can continue working on that, but it will have to wait until then, if at all. Hawaii was good times with the family, though I think I would have had more fun had I had someone to hang out with while I was here. Everybody, save Willard, had a significant other to share Hawaii with, and I would like to think that it would have been different had I had someone, even if it was just a friend, to go off and do things with or just to talk to. I am in this “beautiful” place, but I feel those feelings of depression and loneliness coming back as I prepare to return back to my life.

I think now that I have been away from her for four of the past six weeks, I still miss being with her, but I am getting over it. I can play it off like I am going to be this cool single guy, meeting all sorts of people and whatnot, but I don’t think it is going to be that easy. I am still a bit shy, and when I have tried to meet up and go out with people, I get nothing. We’ll see if there are changes going forward; I will always hope for that.

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