Wedding Bells Ring, Are You Listenin’?

Jen just got married and I couldn’t be happier for her and Nate. They
seem to be really happy with each other and I am sure they will be
married for a long, long time.

I would have more pictures of the actual ceremony, maybe, but I was playing family videographer and had to hold the camcorder. I am truly a man of many talents. Tell all your lady friends. *wink*

I should do this professionally

Moms, Nate, Jen, and Pops

My fat head and the beach where she got married

Nate being all nautical like sea captains of yesteryear, afterwards they…

Climbed over the rocks like the land lubbers they are

The full moon from Jen’s wedding night

I took this after I said to Jen, “So, what are your plans for tonight?” I am sooo funny!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Bells Ring, Are You Listenin’?

  1. Your sister was a beautiful bride. I’m glad you had a good time in Hawaii, but where was your sun screen? Yowza, man! That’s one red face!

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