The Best Luau on Kauai???

So, we arrived in Kauai for the wedding portion of the trip. First on the agenda was getting to the condos we were staying at, but, alas, we could not check in for a few hours. Me and Pops hung around and waited while others rode boats or drove around and everything else. It was only a matter of time until the “Best Luau on Kauai,” maybe even “The World” was to begin. I say that facetiously, cuz it wasn’t anything super special. I mean, they had mai tais and an open bar, but the mai tais were served by a big Hawaiian dude, not half-naked wahines, and the open bar couldn’t even make a Whisky Sour so I could get me Pops drunk. Seriously! And poi, by the way, taste like dirt ground up with mud. Not too yummy.

The show was nothing spectacular, at least not for me. A lot of the same stuff we had seen the day prior at the PCC, so it was probably a treat for those who did not accompany us on that trip. but overall not too bad. A nice way to spend some time with family. I danced a hula and had the ladies swooning, but unfortunately have no pictures because I was dancing. Too bad for that. I have posted some of the pictures from tonight below though. Enjoy!

Kahlua Pig pulled out of the ground. Tasted better than it looks.

The sexiest of the Eberhard brothers, Willard, aka Billy

Some people dancing, duh!

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