Family fun at the PCC!

I went to the Polynesian Culture Center yesterday, which is pretty
much a way for BYU-Hawaii to give their students work study and other
various jobs.

Me and Willard, the sexiest men on the planet

Kind of neat to see all the different cultures represented, though they kind of started to blend together after a while. I tried to get more pictures of the other stuff, but some of the little hut things were too dark and didn’t result in good pictures.

However, if anyone that reads this was in Mrs. Gehmlich’s (sp?) 6th grade class at old Whittier Elementary, the New Zealand folks did the stick thing that we did during our World of Dance assembly, and sang the exact same song that we did. Crazy, huh?




Aotearoa (New Zealand)



If I had to say one thing, Tahitian girls are mighty sexy with their hip dancing and all. Plus, there were cute ones there to boot! Otherwise, I wish I had gone to the PCC as a high schooler, only because there was plenty of touristy white chicks from the mainland that were very cute and made me feel like a pedophile for looking at them. (Did I just write that?)

Currently, I am at the airport waiting on a flight to go to the island of Kauai for the wedding on Thursday, but also a luau tonight with an open bar. Finally, I may have a half-naked Hawaiian wahine serving me mai tais. Sweet!

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