"A day that will live in infamy…"

I spent some time at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.
Pictures, as promised, are included below. A quick summary of my visit:

The visitor’s center is nice, with a walking tour narrated by Ernest Borgnine. You see many personal affects from survivors or those who perished in the attack, and other static displays about Pearl Harbor circa 1941. The piece de resistance is the actual USS Arizona Memorial. For those who don’t know, the USS Arizona is a U.S. battle ship that sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941. It was the only ship that was sunk and never recovered, and the navy decided to leave it where it sunk as a memorial to the 1,177 brave Sailors and Marines who perished in the attack. In May 1962, the building seen in the first photo below was built over the hull as a memorial to the great battle ship. The second photo is at the Arizona; it lists the names of Arizona survivors who have had their ashes interred at the memorial upon their death. The third photo is the base of a gun turret that used to hold the ship’s big guns, which were salvaged and used as coastal defense guns. The final photo is a picture of the oil seepage from the wreck; around one quart of oil seeps daily from the wreckage into the harbor. Arizona survivors describe it as being the tears of their long lost mates from the wreckage below.

The USS Arizona was a treasure to see, and it made my trip to Hawaii very memorable.

For more information on the attack on Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona, you can check out the Web sites below:

National Park Services USS Arizona Memorial

Wikipedia entry on USS Arizona

Wikipedia entry on Pearl Harbor

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